Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lexington to Nashville

It became clear after a few hours in the van on Monday that we were not going to make it to Lexington until rather late. Our van just does not move very fast and it is a pretty long way from Pittsburgh to Lexington. It’s on this long leg of the trip that I think we all start to get a little unhappy with van life. It will be a welcome relief when we can stretch out for a few days at Freedumb Fest. We’ve all started doing push-ups every time we make a stop now, even all lining up at one rest area and doing synchronized push-ups.

So the Lexington kids have a pretty decent party on their own by all accounts. Some people play at their house and they have a good time and we finally roll in as everyone is going home, about 11:30 or so. Brian heads straight to the nearby skate park to do a little cube gleaming while the rest of us just stretch our legs. We chat and listen to records with our host here, Eric, then get some sleep. I think I got the best night’s sleep this night because I stole the air mattress.

We walk to a greasy spoon place with super-cheap prices for breakfast, but Davey and Mark go next door for “big pizza” which they later report was disappointing and not very big at all. Those of us who eat at the greasy spoon place are completely satisfied.

Walk back to Eric’s place and pile in the van. After being on the road for about 5 minutes, some guy pulls up alongside us and shouts “hey, you know your back left wheel is wobbling.” Uh-oh. We pull into a Mormon church parking lot to check it out and yup, it looks a little wobbly. Further down the road at a gas station the tire pressure on that tire is found to be pretty low, so it gets filled up and we hope that’s all the problem was. I suggest switching it with the spare, but everyone else seems a little less concerned than me, so we get back on the road. As we drive, the wheel does still appear a touch wobbly but the general consensus is that it’s okay.

Along the way to Nashville we stop at Dinosaur World because Lance promises that they have a cool line of toys called “Transcendence Witchcraft Knight.” Turns out he wasn’t crazy and the Dinosaur World gift shop is a pretty cool stop, but we don’t spring for admission to the Dinosaur World itself.

We roll up to Ren & Val’s house and see pretty much exactly what you’d expect to find rolling into Nashville, some people chilling on a porch drinking beer. After some chilling and chatting, drive to the venue, the “Crystal Mud System Warehouse.” Show report in the next blog entry.

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