Wednesday, September 10, 2008

day 2 and half of day 3

Pittsburgh is a basement show in a really small basement in a cool crooked house. At most half the people at the show can fit in the basement, so lots of people just hang out and listen from outside. Our host Anthony cooks up some kind of grains & spices stuff and corn on the cob for dinner which was awesome.

Local dudes played first, a trio doing noise/bass/drums jams and a guy named Trogpite who danced around holding incense and made some sounds that go “EEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH.” Then I got to see HYLAND HOLOGRAM play for the first time. They’re my new favorite band, for real. Amazing freakout drums and noise jams.

RADIO SHOCK goes well, kept it real short because it was getting late. Then DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS debut their new wireless microphone style. Brian walks into the backyard with the mike on and starts asking if they found out who farted. They act like they don’t know what he’s talking about but we all totally heard that conversation going on.

Pretty good night’s sleep on mats on the floor. In the morning we all do crunches and pushups, except Richie who’s sleeping under a tree all morning. We watch a huge backhoe tearing down a house over the fence. Then we all take a trip to the Whole Foods for groceries, where Lance demonstrates his just-walk-around-while-eating-the-food technique. I pick up some coffee beans from the Starbucks across the way and back to Anthony’s house for coffee and sandwiches.

I head out to nearby coffee shop for internet access and to make xeroxes of CD inserts. While there I get a call from Lance. He called some people in Lexington to see if we could crash there since this is our day off, and they told him we could play at their house TONIGHT. So I grab directions from the internet, send a few messages, and it’s time to get out of town. Pile back in the van and we’re on the road right now. It looks like we may get to Lexington too late for anyone loud to actually play, so we’ll see what happens. Maybe just a RADIO SHOCK show since I play quieter… but we’re on our way regardless.

While riding in the van, Lance invented 2 new forms of expression. Free-sketchbook drawing in which you need not draw in the book, but you’re still sketching in the book… it’s hard to explain. Also, drawing inside the lines of the book, outside the book. I don’t know what it all means, but he insisted that it should be included in the blog. Davey also invented a new form of expression, but he says the blogosphere is not prepared for it.

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