Monday, September 8, 2008


Sept. 6: Survived day one of tour, barely! Barely ate and barely slept and didn’t get half the stuff done that I wanted to. Missed the train I wanted to catch out of town, took the next one and the train broke down. Had to wait in Secaucus or Hoboken or something for an extra hour for the NEXT train. Pouring rain all day. And I have not had any coffee.

So I finally arrived in Philadelphia for the first show at Big Rock Candy Mountain about 10:45. I have to switch to the “blue line” and there are closed locked gates blocking my path. When I get into the station the turnstiles don’t seem to be working and a random guy tells me to just jump over it. When in Rome… Get off at Berks stop, Davey and Brian meet me halfway, I get to BRCM about 11:30 and time to play!

Takes maybe 20 minutes to get everything set up and then miraculously the Radio Shock show goes pretty okay, despite my hands shaking too much to reliably play things on the keyboard. Crowd demands “Trapper Keeper” as an encore. Unfortunately I missed almost everyone else who played, didn’t mean to be a rock star and roll in at last second but at least I got to play. Small crowd of cool people, good time. After playing I am hating life much less.

Drums Like Machine Guns go on last and rule as always. Ate some applesauce and homemade cookies which were awesome. Crash on the couch. Wake up feeling 100% better. Stretch, meditate, spray stencil some CDs (something I didn’t get done before leaving), shower, etc. Eat some of the awesome eggs and potatoes that my hosts cooked up, drink some coffee, and feeling another 100% better now. The rest of the tour crew has showed, are chowing down now and we hit the road shortly. I’m almost feeling ready to take on the world now. Starting with Pittsburgh tonight.

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