Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the rest of FREEDUMB FEST

Going back in time now to recap some Freedumb Fest memories. I’m sure I won’t be able to put it all in the correct order, but at least I can recount some of the moments. Friday morning I get up pretty early I think, 10:30 maybe, and Justin is already up and getting ready to cook some breakfast. It’s surprising enough that I ask him if he’s slept at all, but he has. Eggs and toast for all the campers and crashers. Lots of good, friendly company.

After organizing some stuff, emailing and exercising, a batch of us organize an outing to the Farmer’s Market, a popular attraction out in Stone Mountain. It’s not so much like a farmer’s market like I’ve seen anywhere else, as much as it’s like a big, cheap, fresh food grocery store. They also have a pay-by-the-pound buffet which is a great deal and has some great food. Everyone has some and then stocks up on some groceries. Except Brian, he went to the skatepark earlier and kindly took my disposable camera of photos to drop off at the drugstore.

On top of all this food, dinner was made too, both Friday and Saturday night, though the 2 nights are blending together now in my mind. I do know that one of the highlights of Friday night was Mincemeat or Tenspeed vs. This Is My Condition, the wordiest team-up of the year. It sounded amazing at every second, even when Davey and Craig seemed totally perplexed by each others’ actions. Kohvicoobah (probably misspelled) was a nice surprise, psychedelia which turned into sludgy grindcore which turned into a trombone duel and a few more changes. They might have been Saturday night though.

Oh yeah, there was also this really annoying dude there who was pissing off every person in his vicinity. Basically acting like he gets to be a part of every performance that’s going on, including picking up someone’s guitar without asking and singing an entire song while that band is about to play. Sitting just about on top of Mugu Guymen while they were playing and doing some kind of thing where he pretends to nurse a stuffed animal? Dude, you are not in the band! So later Brian had to actually kick this moron out of my tent! He was just sitting in there playing the bongos and acted surprised and insulted when Brian explained that if he didn’t know me and I didn’t say it was okay then he can’t be there.

He didn’t mess with anything or get violent, but he’s got some kind of severe problem understanding boundaries. The next day Justin explained that this guy has been there previous years and was once chased down the road screaming by someone for laying down with that person’s sleeping girlfriend. I know Freedumb looks like a big hippie/anarchy fest, but every other freak, weirdo, and punk there seems to have no trouble being cool. Annoying guy wasn’t enough to spoil the fun, but seriously, what’s wrong with that guy?

Friday night I also went to sleep while others seemed determined to keep the party raging but woke up to many people already awake and active, washing dishes and cooking. There are even pancakes this time. Saturday morning I took advantage of the time to do some exercising and meditating by the little lake. After that, Lisa led a small group of us in something called Chi Gong (kind of like Tai Chi) and then some official Tai Chi. A good antidote to all the cramped van time on the way down.

After some more activities which I can’t recall now, a much bigger fire is being built, more dinner is being cooked, and Chinese Frankenstein is setting up outside. Because Chinese Frankenstein set up some bright lights as part of her little stage set and it’s getting dark, a huge spider decides to build a gigantic web in front of her performance area. That keeps several of us entranced for a good while. In fact, the spider completes its entire web before Chinese Frankenstein is ready to perform.

After some delays, things kick off and go fast. Adrien Barbobott gets the crowd worked up with some good chunky noise. Chinese Frankenstein eventually performs a quiet, kinda-sorta-cryptic kabuki performance about circumcising a plastic and paper baby-thing. Them Natives (was that Friday) really get to feeling it and take things into deep space. Graham and Rat Bastard’s performance as “Everything Is Erotic” is great and turns into a sloppy mosh pit.

Day 3 of Freedumb and I think everyone is starting to feel a little weary, even with the restful daytime activities. When the Radio Shock show starts I’m a little concerned that no one has any energy left, but somehow things escalate to an “off the hook” point. Toilet paper gets thrown around, followed by a large amount of salt, followed by a tin of coffee (espresso grind!). Suddenly everything feels disgusting but smells very delicious! Somehow I manage to take every knob off of my guitar amp during the last song, but afterwards I find them all on the floor.

Hyland Hologram plays right after me so I only catch their last song but people are into it. Even the punk girls who showed up have found something they can rock out to. This is My Condition and Dan Kozak play again, rocking out hard but for some exhausted people. They even do the Star-Spangled Banner while wrapped in an American flag. Drums Like Machine Guns close things out in a suitably chaotic manner, ending with chants of Free!Dumb!Free!Dumb!

Things are winding down, people are watching the last of the fire or star-gazing. I retire to my tent, fall asleep to the sounds of drunken shouting.

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